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Although we can not really blame the government, as the Moros said they had been neglected - before, they never wanted to be part of the country until ARMM Organic Act came.

Pervasive poverty and the poor economic situation in the Philippines cause many to leave their homeland.

We must understand that rebellion is not the heart of all Moros - father, mother and children. Unlike Bodenhausen et al. It focuses on the relationship of a parent and a child who comes across a trial which concerns misunderstanding due to communication gaps between the daughter claudine and the mother vilma.

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What matters is you can justify yours to make your paper convincing and powerful. This is evidence by the fact that Bodenhausen et al.

Write it on your own understanding, in your own words. This movie focuses on the relationship of a parent and a child who comes across a trial which concerns misunderstanding due to communication gaps between the daughter and the mother.

Feelings of abandonment, and loss, can lead the children to seek out other options to fill the void of emptiness left behind when a parent leaves. Requesting Barangays with at least ten valid registered voters shall be included. This site has more to offer than your assignments: It does not Anak reaction paper matter if we have the same opinion or not on the issue.

Thanks for dropping by. Before ratification there must be consultation first on the concerned people. A parent will always wish the best things for her children. She is indeed a hero in my book, as she has suffered greatly for the benefit of her family.

Reflection in the Movie

Her children, however, don't welcome their mother with open arms. That is why, I am sure that we will all agree on this, that they know what they are doing- and they have us always in mind in every decisions they make or approve of. Carla openly challenges Josie's authority, starts dating boys she knows her mother wouldn't approve of, flaunts her burgeoning sexuality, begins using drugs and has multiple abortions.

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This also seems like a good follow-up study. BBL is just a proof that the ARMM region we knew today recognizes the Philippine Government being the higher authority to influence and impart on their growth - economically and in all aspects; simultaneously keeping their culture and beliefs.

A parent and a child should have an open communication with each other especially when distance is between them. This issue hits close to home for me, as I have a few relatives that are in this same situation, working in the U. To sum it up, every time the group of rebels decided to connect with the government there is always one or two members who would not cooperate and their option is to create another rebel group.

The fact that participants were going to be held accountable made their processing conscious and more effortful. Plot[ edit ] A woman struggling to make a better life for her family finds that her efforts have caused a rift between her and her children in this downbeat family drama.

Let us be informed before giving conclusion. ProducersQuintos, R. Your family, your home, your school and the society in an on-line Magazine It would be interesting to take this paradigm and apply it to a stereotype judgment situation like in Bodenhausen et al.

Children have to understand all their parent's hardships. Talking about the rebels and what had happened in the recent Mamasapano massacre - if we get too emotional, we can sacrifice the future of millions of youth and their families who are just ordinary people living within the Bangsamoro territory.

And to share what I have learned from some research - the armed groups, as we know, is the product of the Martial Law declared by the late Ferdinand Marcos.

Our neutral emotion state is one in which we are aware of both our negative and positive thoughts.

MILF denied that they are the ones who get the uniforms and the guns but in the event of returning the armaments - it was discovered that one of the guns belonged to the recorded barbarous killing of a SAF member who was twice shot in the head.

I am also a little confused about the influence of negative emotions on stereotypic judgments. This is a big issue in the Philippines as over 2 million people work overseas in order to do just that Caguio and Lomboy, Spoilers This film tells the tale of a Filipino family struggling with a very real situation of having a family member working overseas in order to make ends meet.

Why then do unhappy people and happy individuals both make stereotypic judgments?Dec 13,  · Best Answer: People would understand you better if you called it the "parable of the prodigal son".

It teaches you to be lazy and get a bad reputation so that the bar will be set low for Resolved. 1. Based on the film Anak, what specific issues do OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) parents and their children face?

Give three concrete examples. Derrick Robinson-Pate June 22, MGT Case Application 1. What is your impression of this employee-friendly culture? Would this work in other organizations? Sample Reaction Paper.

All of the readings this week deal with emotions and their influence on our perceptions and judgments. Even though I’ve been interested in emotional. research for awhile, this is the first time that I’ve had an opportunity to read empirical studies that examine the phenomenon.

The Bodenhausen, Kramer. Reflection in the Movie "Anak" Essay A mother is not a perfect person because nobody’s perfect - Reflection in the Movie "Anak" Essay introduction.

She struggles for her family’s happiness and wellness. Summary -- Reaction Paper Ordinarily, if your instructor asks you to write a summary of something you've read, it is to help you to clarify what you read and to enable the .

Anak reaction paper
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