How to write a good comments

Why are there rules? The second point is that you might want to explain in greater detail how subjective experiences shape the need for a group such as AHANA.

Otherwise, your message may become confused, and your employee may be left feeling as directionless as before the evaluation occurred. When it fits, use positive comments like, "Actively seeks out opportunities to improve" or "Responds to company communication quickly and efficiently.

I hope you found some of the questions I've raised valuable. If you are an employer, decide what factors to include on an "Employee Evaluation". You also do a good job of considering "the opposing viewpoint" and introducing relevant arguments to substantiate your position.

Be relatable, be yourself.

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But I still want to know more about HOW the group works to achieve their goals; do they sponsor events on campus? Overview[ edit ] Comments are generally formatted as either block comments also called prologue comments or stream comments or line comments also called inline comments.

What triggers automatic rejection? You've touched on some interesting issues in this paper, and there is definitely plenty of room for you to develop them even further.

What would be lost in such a presentation? Five good comments with examples to back them up can be very effective. I would also be careful of the very general statements you use to sum up the essay, such as"That day brought to my attention a side of humanity that had lay dormant in my mind.

Which ones are dangerous? Code description[ edit ] Comments can be used to summarize code or to explain the programmer's intent.

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Your arguments are strong and I hope my comments will help to fine-tune your essay. I think you've got some really interesting ideas in this paper, particularly in your fifth and sixth paragraphs, but you need to expand upon them.

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Complimenting Good Performance Even when evaluating a "problem" employee, you should always try to identify areas in which he excels and compliment him for that on his review. New Surroundings Life circumstances or career goals often make transferring to a different department or job site within your company very desirable for you; your job request letter should make your reassignment attractive to your employer as well.

Be polite, calm, give specific examples of good or sub-par performance. Include positive comments about your contributions to your current department as well as statements about how your experience in your present position will be of benefit to your new supervisor and colleagues.

What are the rules? Responding to the first commenter Some blogs allow commenters to have threaded discussions with each other, and some people overuse this possibility to get additional exposure.Read Michael O'Donoghue's classic "How to Write Good." (obviosly from where they ripped off the title)!!!

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Also on Fark. Good comments will document intent, not function. It's largely useless to comment assignments with "assign x to y" or similar. It's much better to comment the code with a higher-level view of what the code aims to ultimately achieve, with pre- and post-.

Oct 08,  · Comments are disabled for this video. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next How to write a good essay How to write a comment - Wie. According to the Houston Chronicle, good comments to include on an employee evaluation include constructive and specific remarks about the employee's performance, problem areas, and future goals.

Criticisms can address an employee's demeanor, interpersonal skills, attention to detail, customer. Research has shown that when we do something kind, our brains release oxytocin, the "hug hormone" that makes us feel really good.

And giving someone a genuine compliment is one of the easiest ways to practice kindness! Tips for writing great reviews. Write with style: People will pay attention when you write thoughtful reviews.

Keep them readable and avoid excessive capitalization or punctuation. Use good grammar, check your spelling, and avoid profanity. Choose the right length - a paragraph is great.

How to write a good comments
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