Lenovo case analysis

In the past four years, Lenovo is the fastest growing PC Company. How is it going inpeople will be waiting to see. The second problem is Lenovo case analysis the defects of much headquarters mode within global.

However, this is a huge commercial project, so there are some potential problems in this border merger and acquisition. The IBM personal computer business created billion dollars each year on sales, Lenovo hope the post-acquisition can continue to keep living this part of the sales revenue.

American employees need to know that they will get the appreciation and equal earnings. After the enterprise is merged, the integration is very important, especially the integration of enterprise culture and the personnel.

Lenovo manufactures nearly half of its hardware and has set up production plants in low cost regions such as China, Brazil and Argentina to benefit from higher margins. However, Lenovo was a purely domestic Chinese company with young graduates who had no other work experiences and few spoke English.

The company over the past few years has developed, and manufactured easy to use technology, reliability and customer satisfaction. Secondly, there is no doubt that Lenovo has comprehensive realization of Chinese local market.

The light result is that it will consume of the internal energy of senior managers, but the more serious result is that it will trigger essential group disintegration.

Profit margin decline on hardware products Slowing growth rate of the laptops market Saturated smartphone markets in developed countries Rapid technological change Intense competition Strengths Vertical integration.

Lenovo Case Analysis Essay

The business can keep costs low, keep up with the pace, control inventory and rely less on original equipment manufacturers OEM. Objective of Lenovo The major objective of Lenovo is to establish partnerships with the organizations that can support the company in achieving future goals and objectives.

But five years later will lose the IBM name, leaving lenovo still has little value about trademarks? According to the merger agreement, lenovo may have right to use IBM trademark in the next five years.

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In fact, the weaknesses may be divided to two different categories according to the time period: Lenovo has emerged in China and continues to be one of the largest players in homeland market. The company changed its name from Legend to Lenovo in the yearwith the successful integration in the market, in ; Lenovo acquired Personal Computer Division of IBM.

Dell vs Lenovo Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the yearLenovo acquired Median in the Europe which has now become the number one company in the Germany. Now, I will discuss two problems of this border merger and acquisition.

Instead of traditional headquarter model, Lenovo manages 3 centers of excellence around the world US, China and Singapore. In the future, Lenovo should strengthen the communication with the senior managers of IBM. In the 21 century, Lenovo became one of the best ten management computer manufactories.

The company finds it hard to access US and Europe markets as its brand perception is low there. Inthe data showed to us was worse thanwhich is unbelievable.

Complications on deciding which products to specialize 3. The management style in Lenovo appears to be a top-down management style. The overall situation suggest that Lenovo has constantly looked to grow and expand itself in the industry by offering new products, user friendly technology and optimum quality and reasonable prices.

As the case states, since the PC market has been growing quite slowly, therefore, Lenovo has looked to explore the Smartphone market which is all set to grow in the coming years.

Lenovo: Building a Global Brand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Does this model present the weak takeover of trepidation or the evolutionary way of multinational enterprise? After the enterprise is merged, the integration is very important, especially the integration of enterprise culture and the personnel. From now on, Lenovo must clearly tell to American employees what the future perspective of American employees is, and how to manage this company.

Then, Hewlett-Packard ranked as the second position. In addition, Lenovo presents Chinese culture which advocates humility. The products offered at Lenovo are legendary Think-branded PCs and Idea-branded PCs, Lenovo case analysis well as servers, workstations and a family of mobile internet devices, including tablets and smart phones.

Lenovo brand can be recognized, lenovo management can be recognized, IBM brand can save about five years after the original trademark positions are lenovo will face brand risk.Lenovo Case Study - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Search Search5/5(1). LENOVO Case Analysis Situation Analysis Chinese super brand Lenovo, formerly formed as Legend, has seen itself rise from being a mere imported parts distributor into its country’s largest computer manufacturer as well as being the world’s fourth.

CASE ANALYSIS & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Case Analysis .) Course of Action Get the class involved in a discussion of recommended courses of action. The case discussion leaders are responsible for bringing the class to closure on the case. Dell vs Lenovo Case Solution,Dell vs Lenovo Case Analysis, Dell vs Lenovo Case Study Solution, Dell vs Lenovo Case Solution Introduction to LENOVO Lenovo was founded in the year It was founded by Mr.

Liu Chuanzhi. It is marked as the 2nd large. According to the case study, the global PC industry is highly competitive with the leading performers being Dell, HP, Lenovo and its IBM acquisition, and Acer and Fujistu-Siemens among other corporations and vendors locked in tight competition (Quelch & Knoop,p.

). Lenovo is a $30 billion electronics company and the world’s second-largest PC vendor. It employs 30, people, operates in more than 60 countries and serves customers in more than countries.

Lenovo case analysis
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